Contaminated Cannabis

The Unavoidable Consequence of Prohibition

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Under Prohibition Law those who grow Cannabis for profit are sometimes tempted to add adulterants to increase weight of an overpriced product sold on the street.
Tests of street cannabis have shown
Synthetic Cannabinoids, Horse Tranquilizer, Tobacco, Pesticide residues, Lead sulfide, Talcum, Salts, Sugar, Oregano, Mould, Broken Glass, Sand, Hairspray and even Glyphosate applied by police, which unscrupulous dealers in the existing black market system wash, recolour, dope up with synthetic drugs and sell anyway.

Under our Submission this Criminal Contamination of product would be a thing of the past, as the criminal incentive is removed, and any Contamination of product sold to others would simply be governed under the normal rules that apply to other Herbal Remedies now.

In nearly all contamination the legalisation of cannabis will disadvantage criminals and those with criminal intent.

Under the regulated program suggested in this submission, there will be no advantage in this fraud as all commercial product will be tested before processing for use and offending suppliers will not gain. A study by a cannabis testing company showed that pesticides inhaled from sprayed cannabis do in fact end up in your bloodstream. This is a real health risk. Cannabinoids share similar chemical properties to pesticides, so during the extraction process, the residual pesticides on the cannabis are concentrated along with the cannabinoids.

Due to the popularity of home growing, the Contamination situation improved in Germany.

Smart people ask for the legalisation of the cannabis business

The preparation of clean, refined products like oils and resins from the herb is a critical part of avoiding some types of contamination. Burning dry herb and inhaling it is the worst administration method because some contaminants such as Carbon monoxide and PAHs (polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, the toxic stuff like tars caused by burning Anything at all) are naturally created by combustion and these are known carcinogens.

But this too is a contaminant encouraged by Prohibition Law. The smoking style of deep inhalation and long hold that is customary to get the most out of the over-priced black market product exposes the user to more of these toxins. However Vaping (raising the product to around 200 degrees 'without burning'), teas, edibles, raw jucing, oil, tincture, balms etc eliminates these combustion contaminants, but at this time all those methods are class "B" and/or require utensils, both of which carry an unhealthy jail penalty compared to the raw Class C burnt herb.

If you're going to lean on Carbon monoxide, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons as reasons we don't legalise Cannabis YOU ... Just Placed Tobacco and Bleached White Paper on this same page ...

However Tobacco has to be included in cannabis as because it's so hard to get 91% of children cut cannabis withTobacco and we have to look at "synergy of Cannabis" to see the huge effect of these two together.

In a Legal Cannabis Culture, the products sold are governed by the same "Do No Harm" principals as all other herbal medicines.

Under Prohibition Law, anything goes.

Our youth are being harmed most of all. That contaminated weed the dealers dressed up after it was sprayed by the police? That gets sold to teenagers, who buy the cheapest nastiest weed around, and they don't know any better.



Prohibition Law hasn't stopped teenagers smoking cannabis since it was instigated in 1927.

What makes you think age restrictions will do the job any better?

In 1927, smoking "Indian Hemp" as it was called was almost unheard of in NZ.

In countries where cannabis has been legalised but restricted to over 18's, the teenagers are still smoking just like they always have.

Today NZ along with Aussie has the highest rate per capita of adolescant cannabis use in the world.

The black market weed the kids are into is all the toxic contaminated stuff the regulated system rejected.

Prohibition Law never stopped our kids smoking cannabis in 91 years.

(to quote one my favourate tubular organisms on earth who live behind the blue doors)
"... it is a criminal activity that we have no control over ..."


(oooops ... )

What then can we do to ensure the product teenagers access is not poison.


Two reasons why Jacinda should withdraw NZ Police from the service of cannabis Prohibition Law.

"... If you are going to buy or consume illegal drugs that is the risk you take. Obviously it is a criminal activity that we have no control over ..."

"... if you smoke marijuana, that’s what you deserve ..."

Unfortunately these comments were in response to an event in which children had been admitted to hospitals coughing up blood, after being sold weed on the street that police had sprayed with Glyphosate ... The Anti-Dote To Life


Such unforgivable Statements made by leading New Zealand Police Officers show what the present Prohibition of Cannabis laws have fostered behind blue doors.
However, the police are not the problem, nor is cannabis, the problem lies in the fact that in 1927 this NZ parliament passed a Prohibition Law without thinking, and I have the evidence of that.

Incidents like that above is the direct result of that 91 year old failed experiment. That is a simple and now proven fact.


No offence Jacinda but with this attitude in police, if your people feel a little paranoid when you ask them to speak out, they could possibly be forgiven.

Can you imagine how surprised I was when I found out This Government is Paying $10,854.00 for a short USoz (28g's) of contaminanted dope.

Therefore I submit that this is a Right Now and Without Delay Action if Jacinda Really Wants to Know what 'The Other 50% of the population' have to say that's exactly what you'll do ... how blairingly obvious is that.

REMOVE POLICE FROM ALL CANNABIS ACTIONS forthwith ... as an act of good faith ... and I'm sorry but I'm a now person when it comes to saving kids so now please

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