Industrial Hemp for NZ and Our GDP

The minimum benefit of a hemp crop is in its use as a rotation crop. Since hemp stabilises and enriches the soil farmers grow crops on, and provides them with weed-free fields, (without Glyphosate) it has value even if no part of the plant is being harvested and used.

The quality stock feed and easy growth alone will make a massive difference to the quality and price of stock feed on a domestic basis as we will no longer have to rely on imported soybean and oil expeller products for our highest grade feeds.

But there is another potential benefit to the livestock and farming sector. We currently have a situation where some medications like worming drenches are becoming ineffective as the target species develop immunity to the existing drenches.

THC has shown promise as a new option for organic and conventional farmers alike as a new type of drench. This avenue needs further exploration.

As the absolute minimum benefit, by using any cannabis species as a grazing crop livestock health and welfare is improved by the high mineral and protein quality of the forage, while parasite larvae do not thrive on the plants.

Therefore animals such as sheep and goats are not exposed to these dangers as they are on grass based pastures, and the requirement for drenching is reduced.

This is not a small benefit. NZ and Northland in particular (by reason of our humid summers and mild winters) is among the worst environments in the world for parasite burdens of livestock.

Urban readers, be aware this is a deadly disease. A severe outbreak of Barber's pole worm for instance bleeds 2.5 litres from a sheep or goat over 24 hours. There are few obvious external symptoms and young animals can seem to drop dead without notice.

Internal parasites account single handedly for a vast majority of lives lost across all animal species.

By legalising Cannabis, encouraging small and large businesses to produce high quality medical product, and develop Hemp as a farming practice we really do have a lot to gain.

It can produce:

Seed and oil expeller cake high in complete protein, energy and fat for stock feeds

High yield, low-input pasture crop for direct grazing or silage which is

- high in proteins and minerals,
- encourages Livestock immunity,
- repels insects and
- will not harbour internal parasite larvae

High quality oil

Plastic and HempCrete


Environment Damage, Carbon Emissions and Farming vs Waterways

Restores Soil conditions by Phytoremediation … Hemp is grown round Chernobyl and Ilva Steelworks in Italy to take up the toxins from the soil.

Cleaner waterways As the industry already protects waterways, why not pay farmers to grow hemp along them. (by planting any Cannabis species around fenced-off waterways farmers would ensure excess nitrogen runoff is absorbed by the crop before it enters the waterways)

NZ Green Biofuel Crops producing oil and fuel for New Zealand provide a backup feed option for farmers. These Crops also control Wild Cannabis by cross pollination thus combating crime in rural areas.

An Internal New Zealand Clean Green Currency backed by a New Zealand Clean Green Neutral Carbon Emissions Hemp BioFuel system @ 20c litre, stable from Outside Financial Movements. That global market 'negative adjustment' just became a domestic bump ... Up

NZ Green Grown Fuels are Neutral Carbon Emission have better yields per hectare and less expense than any other common crop.

(That's A Package Deal ... Bid$ anyone)

*******************************letters to the editor*******************************


Give Farmers suffering Mycoplasma Cull Hemp Crop Now

Infectious environments like Mycoplasma bovis are not new. Records from 1960 show widespread infectious outbreaks at GreenLane Hospital were spread by the cleaning team using the same mops to clean the ''infectious Ward'' and all other corridors and wards … a no-brainer today right?

Our current ''outbreak'' is now proven to be known as far back as April 2014 in the Frank Peters case. Thus now Proving that the infection has been in the country longer than MPI officially admit and that they are in full knowledge of that fact … but they are still killing cows and farmer's lives along with them … good luck with that.

Observe the entire country as a hospital, the corridors of infectious material travelling from any base to any other are the roads, that's the reason for merging the traffic and police because infectious crime travels on roads, remember? The cleaning crews in this case are the stock trucks where hundreds of different AHB numbers a day come in direct nose-to-nose contact on these 24 hour transports, making eradication now impossible.

The Parliament's Experts and Advisers should see this in a second, about as fast as recognising that supporting the farmers who have lost their livelihood to MPI's widespread cull to join the new Hemp Industry would be less heartless than parking the mental health tent next to the insurer's tent at the field days … yes they are.

We clearly know who's not gaining, Farmers, therefore New Zealand, but who is gaining? who gained from the prohibition of 1927?

If we had Hemp, and The Parliament 'Gave Hemp' to Farmers with no license required and no fine sized fees, we could Stop Importing underground Carbon Fuel from overseas and grow and process our own Neutral Carbon Fuel @20c at the pump, using Marsden and New Plymouth refineries.

With that extra ca$h The Parliament could correct the wrongs of 1927 and 1948 and create our own internal Clean Green currency based on that fuel.

If The Parliament cannot live on $2 saved on every litre of fuel used in NZ it would be legal evidence of total mismanagement and a no confidence question would surely ensue.

Therefore only those using Reserve Bank currency should be subject to any Tax.

Time for Change.


The Parliament needs educating.

Parliament's intent to spend $245m on trees to save the earth from cows is a futile exercise. Cows and trees only Cycle atmospheric carbon, while fossil fuels Add carbon.

New Zealand could be the first carbon neutral nation and enjoy 20c/lt at the pump.

Hemp absorbs 4x more carbon than trees and is our best biofuel crop option.

Hemp expeller cake has an impressive 33% complete protein profile, cheaper than maize and will replace imported palm kernel, a known disease risk.

Used as set stocking or silage hemp boosts immunity, reduces mastitis infection rates, and will not host internal parasite larvae.

Hemp excels at purifying effluent and when grown along waterways absorbs nitrogen runoff.

All this and Parliament fails to deliver, promises hemp this year and asks for industry submissions, whilst refusing to discuss licensing and fees.

Prospective Hemp farmers are discouraged by the $500 licence fee and the invasion of privacy in security inspections and personal background checks by the police.

The term 'License' means an 'Exemption from Prosecution for a Criminal act'.

Farmers feel like criminals because they are criminals under the current Misuse of Drugs act.

They pay the $500 fine as 'license' to avoid Prosecution, but they are still criminals under the Act. This is where the law needs changing.

Parliament acknowledges the current law is unfit for purpose because Hemp cannot produce a drug, but still insists farmers pay the fines to grow it.

The removal of Hemp from the Act and accessibility by a registration process similar to the AHB herd number system is paramount.

Victims of M. bovis culling should be given first options on hemp to start earning again, which would be less callous than parking the suicide prevention tent next to the Insurer's at the Fieldays.

That's what The Parliament needs to be told here:


Cannabis, What's All This Fuss About?
Prior to 1920 Cannabis was freely available. Doctors knew it's value & prescribed it through Chemists, benefits to Health & Longevity were discovered, & intellectuals from poets to scientists drew inspiration from its use.
Hemp was the cheapest & most promising source for fuels & plastics, & in hindsight would have been Carbon Neutral from the start.
However Future oil tycoons in America used sleight-of-hand 'Reefer Madness Propaganda' to lump Cannabis, Heroin, & Cocaine together & used The League of Nations to sell us prohibition [NZ1927].
Since then most wars have been over oil or it's trading currency. History exposes the best & the worst of US all.
The Vietnamese didn't want War & gave US troops Bread, Fish & Cannabis, who in turn refused to fight & many US officers were shot by their own men.
So the US military dumped millions of tons of Agent Orange to destroy the local Cannabis Crops in a desperate & failed attempt to drive their men back to war. [Wikipedia]
Fact is, Cannabis today is no stronger than the Buddha sticks those same US troops brought to NZ in the 70's. Local weed wasn't flash back then, and Kiwi growing techniques have since improved but that hasn't changed the peaceful herb the hippies loved.
Cannabis has never promoted violence. Ask any Policeman: ''If you walk into a Home & smell Cannabis do you expect Violence?'' Go ahead Ask Him.
The Fuss is about War & Peace.
Those who favour Prohibition historically seek War, while those who favour legal Cannabis seek Peace.
What war still made sense looking back after it ended? Can we please have peace?
The very fact that parliament is changing this law now is an admission to making a mistake.
Why should those who sold us the 'War on Drugs' 91 years ago still be dominating proceedings today?
Why are Medical Researchers [Green Fairies] still Persecuted? How can we have Peace when they are left behind bars?
Let's not take sides, but come together to end this war.


Carbon ignorance

Both Cows and Trees eventually return their sequestered carbon to the air thus neutral carbon?
Atmospheric CO2 only increases by underground carbon released as burning fossil fuel.
If we choose the Right Crop, it's drought and poor soil tolerant, cycles carbon 4x that of pine, cultivated along those fenced off waterways it'll catch and process all nitrogen run-off and thus clean the rivers, it'll suppress weeds and reduce agrochemical use, improve livestock health with a grain @ 40% protein, and less input costs than maize thus lowers feed costs.
For grazing or silage this crop reduces parasites and disorders such as mastitis.
Or if Stock don't require, produce all our Carbon Neutral Biofuel, @ just 20c at the pump bingo our Carbon Neutral goals are reached.
With some leadership from those who are motivated NZ Farmers can do this in 6 months.
It's not hard, and Hemp or Cannabis are those crop.
Hemp discourages crime in rural areas by pollinating 'rogue' crops thus valuing them.
1927 on the advice of oil tycoons whose motives the NZ govt prohibited without question.
1929 New Zealand lead the world in the Great Depression.
Instead of continuing in the way of ignorance, we now have the opportunity to lead the world in environmental and economic stability, with our own NZ Green BioFuel as the base for a domestic NZ Green Currency stable from international 'Negative Adju$tment'.
''Let's Do This'' Now.